This Chinese Breakfast Food is America's Latest Brunch Trend

Prepare to have a new favorite brunch food.

Traditional Chinese street food crepes are taking the nation’s culinary world by storm, and you are not going to want to miss out on this trend. Called “jianbings,” the crepes are created from any combination of mung bean, rice, wheat, or millet flour. Then they are stuffed with egg, scallion, chile sauce, cilantro, and crispy fried cracker, making for a combination that practically screams “delicious.”

While jianbings have only recently reached the mainstream U.S. market, the savory breakfast food is a perennial favorite in China. Several jianbing devotees across the nation are working to bring the crepes to American consumers -- and it appears to be working.

According to The Week, jianbings are currently available at Jianbing Company in Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg, Bing Kitchen in New York City’s Lower East Side, Tai Chi Jianbang in San Francisco, Bing Mi! in Portland and Jian Bing Jonny’s in the East Bay.

Despite the fact that many American jianbing purveyors are working tirelessly to keep their crepes as authentic as possible, the chefs have not been afraid to experiment with their products’ toppings and fillings. Current offerings include tuna, Peking duck, and Southern Comfort -- a jianbing filled with fried chicken and coleslaw.

Personally, we aren’t complaining about the innovation; after all, we’re always in favor of new and exciting fusion foods!

Thus far, the Americanized jianbings have been extremely popular among customers of all backgrounds, from Chinese immigrants to Brooklyn natives. They are perfect as both a portable breakfast and a late night snack, fulfilling all of our requirements for an ideal food.

We can’t wait to try jianbings for ourselves. If you’re not lucky enough to have a restaurant near you, keep your eyes peeled in coming months; we have a feeling that the amazingly delicious crepes are about to take the entire nation by storm!