This Chocolate Cheese Toast Is Super Weird -- Or Is It? (Photos)

Cheese, chocolate and toast are three of the culinary world's most versatile and cherished foods. Cheese makes everything better, from pastas to scrambles. Chocolate has a rightful place in every dessert known to man. And toast can be topped with just about anything. 

One Twitter user took that last statement to heart when she shared photos of her own white toast, topped with an unconventional combination of chocolate spread and shredded cheese.

The internet provided mixed reactions. 

Unsurprisingly, people were revolted. 

Some were so offended, they deemed it an abomination worthy of police attention.

Others, though, found the cheesy chocolate toast mildly appetizing.

In fact, Metro polled its readers asking if they would try chocolate and cheese toast, and the results show a population that is surprisingly adventurous. Though half firmly declined, 37 percent said they would love to experiment with the dish. What's more, 12 percent said they'd already tried it, showing the combination is not wildly unprecedented, but somewhat popular.  

Chocolate and cheese pairings make a delicious and sophisticated appetizer or dessert. Sharp cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano pair well with intense, spicy dark chocolates. Smooth and rich chocolate truffles complement the earthy flavors of blue cheese. Soft and creamy cheeses are delightful with Nutella and sea salt on crunchy toasts for a more refined version of our Twitter user's snack.

Some people put chocolate inside of cheese. An Australian cheese shop made headlines when it unveiled chocolate cheese, a wheel of mild Italian blue cheese ripened with chocolate liqueur, rubbed with cocoa powder and finished with chocolate chips. The sweet and salty treat sold out in no time.

Spiced hot chocolate with melting cheese is a specialty in Colombia.

Colombian hot chocolate with cheese (not as bad as you think) @sonido69 #melbourne #khootravels

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And with desserts like Oreo cheesecake and chocolate cannolis, people have been combining chocolate and cheese -- and loving it -- for decades.

Tell us your favorite chocolate and cheese combinations, and see if other people are just as fond of them as you are.