This Coffee Promises To Keep You Awake For Days, But Be Careful Drinking It

Are you addicted to coffee?

Yeah, that makes two of us.

If you're one of those people who knows that coffee makes the world go round, and you always complain that your brew is just simply not strong enough to get you through the day -- in other words, if you are a student -- you'll be interested to learn that there IS stronger coffee out there that will absolutely propel you through that all-nighter. Probably even longer. Maybe indefinitely. Maybe if you drink this coffee, you'll never sleep again. It's very possible. Consider:

This is the aptly-named "Ass Kicker" coffee from Australia's Viscous Coffee shop, according to Elite Daily. Sure, it probably sounds like the others that don't live up to the hype, right?

Wrong! One cup of this coffee has half the amount of a lethal dose of caffeine (70 cups of coffee could kill you). Yeah. You might die if you order a double.

Ass Kicker iced coffee has 80 times more caffeine than a shot of espresso and 50 times more than a regular drip coffee cup -- possibly enough to make you experience mania and hallucinations.

The people behind the half-lethal brew recommend that you take your time with it -- it should take around four hours, or else you might have serious trouble. We hear it tastes super delicious and is really tough not to gulp right down.

"I talk to them first, make sure they understand what they are doing, and people often think I'm trying to talk them out of it," Viscous Coffee owner Steve Benington told Adalaide Now.

You'll likely be wired for 12-18 hours.

What is even the point of this, you might ask?

Well, it started off with an actual purpose: Benington, who frequently serves up "custom caffeine levels," concocted the drink for an ER nurse working a night shift. It took her two days to finish her cup, and she stayed awake for three days straight. After that, Benington "toned it down a little" and released the Ass Kicker.

"Some people love it and some are broken by it but it's all in the name of fun," said Benington, who makes the drink with four espresso shots, four 48-hour brewed cold drip ice cubes (each has just over two shots of espresso-worth of caffeine) and half a cup of 10-day brewed coffee, finished off with four more 48-hour brewed cubes.