This Colander Hack Is 100% Genius! (Photo)

The first dish I ever learned to make was spaghetti, hold the meatballs (that was learned at a later time).

It's a simple, hard-to-mess-up dish, and with the right attitude it can be fun. Heat a few cups of water to a rolling boil, add a pinch of salt in Lagassean fashion ("Bam!" has since been replaced with "salt bae" flourishes). Add your pasta of choice and cook until it reaches al dente. Drain, sauce it up to your liking, then finally: Consume. Easy as pie. (Consider saying "easy as pasta" from now on; pie is far more difficult to make than pasta.)

But what if I told you, somehow, by the powers that be, you were going about your pasta-business all wrong -- that there's a simpler approach to an already simple recipe?

All Def Digital posted this colander hack that took Facebook by storm. Nobody saw it coming, but we're all just thankful that we can go forth in our future pasta endeavors with a timesaving hack.

Ingenuity at its very finest; take a gander at All Def Digital's post below:

This hack is very promising. Foodbeast reports, "If successful, you'll be able to shave precious minutes off your cooking time."

One user cried, "I've been losing half my damn noodles in the sink for at least 15 years now," and another wrote, "Don't even know what's right or wrong no more." Many reaction Gifs followed, with a resounding verdict: Everything is multifunctional with functions beyond its intended purpose.

We are living in the Age of Hacks; gone are the days of disarray and pesky little obstacles. There is a hack for everything: whether it be organizational (color-coding house keys with nail polish), practical (using a binder clip to hold your phone charger in place), or revelatory (the hole in the pot handle can be used to hold a cooking spoon).

Now, a slew of rubber bands, two twisty ties and a single binder clip have just as much right to be in an emergency pack as a Swissknife. With the help of hacks such as this colander one, we can take back whole seconds from our lives!