This Cold Brew Coffee Is Perfect For Your Next Camping Trip

For ages, many coffee-loving campers have had to lug bulky contraptions in their backpacks for a necessary caffeine fix. Thanks to a couple of cold-brew fans, travelers can now carry a coffee maker in a bag.

That bag, which makes eight cups of cold-brew coffee, is called the cold-brew kit. It was created by Jin and Rim Han, owners of online coffee and tea retailer Alkemy Brewlab.

The Hans were experiencing a common traveling issue when they developed the idea. There was no quality coffee nearby, and they had no supplies to make their own.

"I decided then to work on a simple, travel-friendly device that could make cold brew anywhere," Jin said.

After experimenting with the popular cold-brew recipe from their coffee shop in Brooklyn, the Hans developed the kit.

The sturdy black pouch packs two filter bags that make four cups of coffee each. Slip the pouch into your backpack or glove compartment, and all you need is water and time. A quick video in the product description details brewing instructions.

The reusable kit costs $18, which totals $2.25 per cup. Those finished with their first kit can keep the pouch and purchase new filter bags in packs of four, which make 16 cups of coffee for $1.75 per cup. 

If you want cold brew every day, the kit is more expensive than buying a standard cold-brew coffee maker and beans. But for those camping or staying in hotels, it's a cheaper alternative to buying drinks at coffee shops.

The cold-brew kit saves space, but Jin said it doesn't skimp on flavor.

"I want [customers] to conveniently make cold brew in the simplest way possible, while maintaining the highest quality of taste," he said.

The cold-brew kit contains Brazilian coffee beans with dark chocolate notes. In the works is a fruity Ethiopian blend.