This Company Wants To Shroom Up Your Morning Coffee

Not much is certain in this day and age -- except, perhaps, for our enduring love for and reliance on caffeine.

Coffee is ever-changing, ever-evolving and an ever-important part of our morning routine, so we're always interested to hear about the newest iteration of our favorite breakfast beverage.

These days, the latest trend in coffee that is all set to change it as we know it (yeah, right) is ... medicinal mushroom coffee.

Four Sigmatic is a Finnish startup that purports to be the "Mushroom Coffee Revolution."

Look, ya'll: I know it's not the revolution we need. But until we get active, it might just be the revolution we deserve.

Essentially, the company infuses a coffee mix with medicinal shrooms -- not the kind that make you hallucinate and see the world in vivid colors, however. We're talking the kind to heal you from the inside-out, and actually counteract the effects of caffeine that we don't necessarily want.

For instance, we all love the jolt of energy and clarity we receive after having our morning cup, but we don't really want the anxiety, the reliance and the crash. Four Sigmatic asserts that the chaga mushrooms and lion's mane mushrooms they use not only taste just like a smooth black coffee, but also help prevent stomach acid burn and caffeine crashes.

Count us in, fam!

"The high amounts of minerals in chaga mushrooms can help make the coffee less acidic. Mushrooms like lion’s mane on the other hand offer very interesting potential brain-related benefits. Mushrooms are among the most studied foods in the world and all of these mushrooms have plenty of research on them," Tero Isokauppila, founder of Four Sigmatic, told Munchies.

Obviously, there are so many different kinds of miracle-coffee brews out there, that every new iteration of coffee should probably be approached with excitement, yes, but also a healthy dose of skepticism. If you really want to avoid a caffeine crash, you probably just need to cut down on caffeine, or switch over to green tea.

If you're not really that worried about the adverse effects of coffee, though, trying out this mushroom coffee could be kind of fun. What do you think?