This Cookie Dough Restaurant Is A Dream Come True

There is a new cafe opening in Greenwich Village, New York, on Jan. 25, 2017, and it's calling our name. This cafe is serving up every flavor of cookie dough you can possibly imagine!

It's called DO, and pronounced "dough," and according to its website, it serves cookie dough that can be safely enjoyed in its raw form (everyone's secret favorite), and there are even options for those with specific diets. These varieties include gluten-free, vegan and grain-free options. To top it off, the seasonal flavors sound way too good.

Cake Batter is a blend of actual cake batter (not like those cake-batter flavored desserts) with white and chocolate chips and sprinkles. Winter Wonderland is made up of sugar cookie dough, blue sprinkles and white chips, and Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Pop-Tart is comprised of snickerdoodle dough and cinnamon, brown sugar and Megpie tarts. If you're not drooling just a little bit right now, you probably aren't human.

There's even a featured Valentine's Day Pack with cute lids that have sayings on them kind of like our favorite heart-shaped Valentine candies. The pack comes with gift wrapping and spoons and you can get it in different sizes, from two packs to six. Count on getting the Red Velvet and Valentine's Day Cake Batter flavors no matter which size pack you choose.

Grub Street reports that we'll be able to order the dough in pretty much any form: by the scoop in cups or cones, flattened and frozen into cookie shapes, in "ice cream" sandwich form, baked into brownies and even folded into ice cream. All of this sounds like a dream come true, but it could definitely be bad news for our waistlines. Still, it's just so worth it.

If you buy the dough to take home, you can store it in the refrigerator for up to three weeks (though I doubt it ever lasts that long), or freeze it for up to three months. And the best news? DO ships via FedEx, so we can order from out of state!

Since the shop will definitely be busy upon opening, I'd recommend having your favorites shipped as soon as possible. This isn't something we can miss!