This Costco Hack Gets You More Cookies and Pastries for Way Less

This Costco Hack Gets You More Cookies and Pastries for Way Less

Ever buy a carton of Costco cookies only to realize you can’t eat them all and suddenly they’ve gone stale? Or, how about that time you got a whole package of Costco croissants and didn’t realize you just bought a dozen croissants for yourself? Well, waste no more, people! According to Kids Activities Blog, you can actually go to the Costco bakery counter and request unbaked boxes of cookies, croissants, and pastries!

A Facebook user also confirmed this hot tip and said she got a 120-piece pack of Chocolate Chunk Cookies for only $22.99 versus a 21-piece already baked pack for $7.99. The frozen pack is roughly half the price! So you can stash frozen dough in your freezer and pop them in the oven whenever you’re craving a fresh, warm treat. Another Facebook user on the same thread said that you can also get undecorated cakes at the bakery counter. Oh, Costco, our mecca for all things in bulk, you are just too good to us.



For those of you not flocking to a Costco anytime soon, you can still order cookies and cakes online, mostly under the David’s Cookies premium brand. It’s pricier though, with a 90-pack of cookies for $49.99. That’s around 37 cents more per cookie versus if you get it from the bakery. This frozen pack also only ships on Monday through Wednesday.

Getting cookie dough frozen and for very cheap means you can make your own “Costco” variety pack of cookies (including chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin, white chocolate, etc.). This will be perfect for your next picnic, birthday party, dinner party, or when you just want to embrace your inner Cookie Monster.

Main photo credit: Costco, Instagram user @costcowithmeri