This Couple Has Eaten Their Original Wedding Cake For 61 Years (Video)

Satellite Beach, Florida, couple Ann and Ken Fredericks is still celebrating after 61 years of marriage. They are doing so by eating a piece of their original wedding cake, in all of its 60-year-old glory.

In an interview with ABC news, the couple explains that they haven’t even had it in the freezer or refrigerator all these years. “Dark fruit cake keeps,” says Mrs. Fredericks. Surprisingly enough, it must be true, because she’s still eating it!

The couple married on Aug. 19, 1955 and is still going strong. We believe the secret ingredient to their long and happy marriage is brandy. “Dark fruit cake is made with brandy and it’s made with enough alcohol in it so it doesn’t spoil,” Mrs. Fredericks explains, and they have to add a shot of brandy to the piece of cake they’re eating each year to re-moisten it. As we can all imagine, it’s pretty dry by now.

Courtesy Ann Fredericks

Florida Today reports that the cake Ann and Ken Fredericks enjoy each year was made by Ann’s grandmother. It is a dark fruit cake that was aged for two weeks in a cellar, and then taken to a bakery to be iced. Dark fruit cake is very moist, so it bleeds through into icing, making it difficult to ice. To combat this, it was glazed with almond glaze and then topped with the white icing that’s normal for wedding cakes.

Mrs. Fredericks said in her interview that she wishes she had that recipe today. Dark fruit cake for a wedding is a family tradition of hers, and it’s a good thing, since it stands the test of time. What a great idea for celebrating another year of marriage. Sure, it’s a regular tradition to freeze a piece of your wedding cake and eat it together after the first year, but what about eating a piece every year?

The cake sits in saran wrap in a coffee tin in a kitchen cabinet, awaiting the next anniversary, where it will undoubtedly be enjoyed with a shot of brandy and a glass of champagne. Now, that’s special.

Watch the video below to learn more.