This Couple Served Expired Food At Their Wedding

Wedding parties generally mean celebrating love, drinking and dancing to no end, and eating nauseating amounts of delicious catered food. 

In fact, good food is one of the most important parts of a successful wedding party, and couples often spend many weeks (and many dollars) trying to find the best catering for their guests to enjoy on the special day. 

One couple, however, wasted little time or treasure on the catering for their wedding, focusing instead on helping the environment, Metro reports.  

What delicacies were served at this environmentally conscious wedding, you ask? 

Expired food products.

Seigo Robinson, 31, and Romilde Kotze, 32, used a waste food charity called Foodcycle Cambridge to cater their wedding dinner, Metro reports.

The menu included rejected supermarket food items such as mac and cheese, pizza, curry and various finger foods.

While some people need to taste-test and screen every item on their wedding menu 10 times over, this couple didn't even know what food would be served until they saw it on their wedding day, according to Metro.

You’d think expired food would be enough, but their dedication to sustainability didn't stop there. They also chose to use second-hand wedding outfits, rings and even decorations.

Any leftover expired food from the wedding went to a homeless shelter, and wedding gifts were forsaken in favor of donations to charity.

And in case that wasn't enough, they finished off the night with a silent disco. I suppose, to avoid noise pollution.

Robinson got the idea for this second-hand wedding after volunteering at a charity in London.

“It made it more special because, for example, her wedding dress was her sister’s and because we care about the environment every part of it made it feel nicer,” said Robinson, according to Metro.

At the modest meal cost of only $9.76 per guest, the couple believes they saved over $13,000.

Overall, the couple said that their eco-friendly wedding cost them about a third of the average cost of U.K. weddings, which is about $35,000.

So, what do you think about this unique wedding? Are expired appetizers your thing?

We can only hope that their love, at least, doesn't have an expiration date.