This Couple Took Food-Themed Engagement Photos

This couple's love for food, puns and each other struck just the right chord to achieve a wholesome viral status. Their engagement photos, set behind the backdrops of their favorite Mumbai food locales, are a refreshing departure from the bland engagement photos of today.

Orchestrated poses against idealized versions of ocean views, rustic farm barns, farmlands, farm fences. Metro pointed it out first, "professional photos of you feigning intimate moment with bae (for some reason, often in woodland)" is a pre-wedding epidemic. This Mumbai couple organized their engagement photos with a little more zest.

Advertising professional Vishakha Prasad, 25, and her 28-year-old fiance, businessman Vinit Mehta, scoured across Mumbai to take bona vide engagement photos expressing their true devotion to one another and, of course, food. "I like you a latte," reads the caption of a photo of the couple holding their favorite coffee brand, Starbucks, in hand.

The couple explained to Metro that they wanted to do something that spoke to their love for good food. Instead of hitting the gym, fasting, attempting to squeeze into their Big Day attire, they decided to go on a "food riot" for the sake of celebration. Wilting bridezillas should take note.

Vishakha and Vinit revealed that the food-themed photo shoots brought them even closer. The couple shares a plate of spaghetti "Lady and the Tramp" style in one photo.

The couple mounted a motorcycle with Vishakha wearing a backpack with a Swiggy logo, India's equivalent to GrubHub and DoorDash. From street food to fancy food, the couple's love for all kinds of cuisine is shown clearly in their engagement photos, which partially serve as their guide to Mumbai restaurants.

For the best paan in the city, head to Muchhad Paanwala, a shop that serves the couple's favorite paan; a mixture of betel leaf and areca nut, sometimes served with tobacco that's chewed for a stimulant effect. They also recommend Sweetish House Mafia for late-night dessert cravings.

Vishakha admitted the photo-shoot idea initially came from her fiance, but as a professional in advertising, she pushed to see this idea come to life. The pair's nuptials will be held on Jan. 21. And as you would expect, the food will be amazing.