black-and-whitewedding||Pizza Wedding Cake Is Epic! (Photos)

This Couple's Four-Tier Pizza Wedding Cake Is Epic! (Photos)

The best part about weddings is the food.

Forget the vows, the speeches, the dancing, the love, the gatherings, the family and the friendships. It's about the food and the booze -- about this I am adamant.

Not everybody is able or yearning to partake in a wedding or get married, but everybody has to eat, which is why I try not to attend weddings if I don't trust that one of the people tying the knot has excellent and, in my case, vegan-friendly tastes in food. Just kidding, I still go to celebrate, obviously, but good food at a wedding makes an already joyous occasion straight magic -- something that this couple obviously knows.

Jess Melara and Tony Sanchez decided to ditch tradition and serve up a four-tier pizza wedding "cake" on their special day instead of a towering, traditional white cake, and their tower of cheese is everything.

"Tony and I love pizza and aren't huge fans of cake, so we surprised our guests with Pizza Cake [yes, I said pizza cake!]," Melara told Wedding Chicks. "It was saucy and delicious and what pizza dreams are made of."


What's truly genius about this move is how infinitely customizable a four-tiered pizza truly is. It sort of follows the same lead as the cupcake arrangements some couples are opting for at their weddings now, in order to ensure guests have a wider variety of flavors to enjoy instead of being stuck with one they might dislike.

One pizza tier could be a plain ol' classic cheese, one could feature a gluten-free crust, one could be dairy-free for folks like me, and one could be for the meat-lovers out there.

Additionally, Melara and Sanchez's caterer seems to have made the pizza-cake truly remarkable and wedding-appropriate by adding decorative basil leaves and edible flowers for the guests to enjoy and marvel at.

What do you think of this innovative take on a wedding cake? Would you ever do something like this at your wedding?