This Dad Made His Home-Cooked Meals Look Like Fast Food, And His Sons Love It

This dad has come up with an ingenious way of getting his boys to eat right. Matthew Blake was having the same problem with his sons that most parents have with young children: They are very picky food critics. To sons Oliver, 9, and Jeremy, 8, Everything sounds "gross," and you can forget serving them anything green!

Well, Blake found a way around this by using the power of branding.

In an interview with Metro news, Blake recollects many times when he'd slaved "over a hot stove for hours," only to receive "mixed reviews" from this young diners. We know, kids always prefer the unhealthiest food, and in this case, it was fast food they were usually craving.

This is what gave Blake his branding idea: cooking up meals resembling those of fast food chains, but without the harmful chemicals and preservatives. He then brands them with such names as "Dad-way," instead of Subway, "Daddy-Donald's," rather than McDonald's and, well, you get the picture.


Those mixed reviews we mentioned earlier? Those have changed to rave reviews. The boys love this food, and they especially love working on the branding materials.