This Daikon Radish Is A Piece Of Gorgeous Art (Video)

If you know anything about the online food community, you know that when it comes to manipulating food, there is no shortage of creativity and artistry that can be applied to even the most simple of ingredients.

We've seen meals get the rainbow treatment; we've seen them get dipped in gold. They've been Oreo'd up and deconstructed and sexualized (we know) and so, so much more.

And now, a daikon has been turned into a perfectly linked chain (video below), according to Rocket News 24, which doesn't sound that impressive but certainly looks it.

A Japanese Twitter user uploaded a photo of the impressive daikon, saying, "The head chef gave me this daikon he cut up for fun because he was bored lol."

When we're bored we take naps; we don't create mesmerizing works of food art!

Luckily, there's a video on YouTube that documents exactly how this amazing feat is actually done, so aspiring food artists, take note! This is your handy dandy guide to becoming the next greatest daikon master in all the land.

According to Rocket News 24, here's how Japanese Twitter responded to the video.

"It’s called a wachigai (“linked-ring”) daikon. It’s in this Edo-period cookbook."

"What happened to the part of the daikon that was cut away?"

"The daikon was going to be thrown out, so the part that was cut away was probably disposed of."

"He did it because he was bored? How much free time does he have?"

Enough free time to make something really cool, we think!