This Deconstructed Caesar Salad Is Totally Absurd

Wow. Just, wow.

Look, we get it. There's no one, golden recipe for any particular dish. There are enough food debates going on around the world to attest to that: for instance, some Chicagoans will refuse to even consider a New York slice as pizza, and the same goes the other way around.

People have different ideas of what certain foods should look like, but this seems pretty wrong no matter what.

When author Celeste Ng found herself getting hungry for dinner while on vacation with her two friends in New Orleans, the group decided they might as well splurge and order delicious, indulgent room service for dinner from their hotel.

"I never order room service," Ng told Buzzfeed News, which means they must have thought that the extra money would be worth the convenience and (hopefully) delicious and fresh meal.

Unfortunately, however, after ordering three Caesar salads, they were not presented with what they anticipated.

Before we reveal the monstrosity they received, we must ask you this: what do you envision when you read this description of the $8 Caesar salad in question?

"Served Traditional Style with Fresh Parmesan Cheese and Croutons."

We'll tell you what we envision: abundant pieces of crispy, bite-size romaine lettuce tossed in caesar dressing, with smatterings of parmesan cheese throughout the multiple bites. And, considering the menu says "croutons," we would assume there was more than one crouton.

Apparently, we would assume wrong.

Ng and her friends literally received a plain head of lettuce, which appears to be bound by a weird-looking mushy bread ring. No cheese as far as we can see!

"My friend who opened it was like ‘was it supposed to look like this?'" Ng told Buzzfeed News.

Because she's a class act, Ng has opted not to drag the restaurant's name, but assured Buzzfeed News that the "very old school and established" hotel did in fact plate its Caesar salad in such a bizarre manner purposefully, and rather than dwell on such a lackluster meal, she is using her experience to gain exposure for a Boston program in her community that gives public school students in need bags of food for the weekends called "Cambridge Weekend Backpack."

"I’m happy that it made people laugh," Ng concluded.