This Deconstructed Hipster Sandwich Is Infuriating

We all know that it's no use crying over spilled milk -- but perhaps there is some kind of therapeutic benefit to raving over deconstructed sandwiches? In the newest annoying food trend move, a group called the Melbourne Flames Dragon Boat Club has decided that just eating a plain old sandwich -- you know, one that comes with fillings encased between two pieces of bread -- just wasn't cutting it. So they decided to post a photo to Facebook of their very own invention: the "deconstructed sausage" sandwich.

Apparently, this was all done in the name of a sausage sizzle fundraiser in order to raise money to help get the Dragon Boat Club to the Australian Championship. "Our flamies having a great time at the Bunnings sausage sizzle in Brunswick. Choose from a traditional snag or our new hipster deconstructed sausage," the club wrote on Facebook.

Hipster Sandwich

 The sausage sizzle is comprised of a piece of bread, a sausage and a little lump of cooked onions accompanied by three separate spoons. One spoon contained a squirt of mustard, another had barbecue sauce and the third had ketchup. Of course, it all ended up being a big joke and a great way to raise awareness and money for their cause, but we can't help but remember how many people out there are actually deconstructing food that was perfectly fine on its own to begin with!

Who can forget, for example, the deconstructed coffee trend that struck our hearts with sorrow back in June 2016? We don't know if we can recall anything so pretentious or annoying. What's next? We're almost afraid to find out.