This Dr. Seuss-Inspired Brunch Place Is Super Magical

Even as an adult, whenever I have the chance to return to a Dr. Seuss book (sometimes when I'm reading aloud to my nieces, and admittedly sometimes just for my own amusement) I am still struck by just how imaginative he truly was.

Now, some lucky diners in Midtown Fort Collins, Colorado, are getting the chance to dine at a Dr. Seuss-inspired breakfast and lunch spot starting in late Dec. 2016 at a place called Sammy's Breakfast Bar.

Eggs and ham, extra green, please!

"A little of bit of green food dye will do the trick," Chris Smith, a managing partner in charge of the kitchen, told the Coloradoan, while the Sammy's co-founder, Ron Leonhard, said:

"My strength is developing concepts."

Sammy's will be decorated with plenty of Dr. Seuss' own artwork, featuring beloved (and maybe even reviled, like the Grinch!) characters and an eclectic cast of color themes. At the moment, the restaurant is slated to seat 90 patrons, but the owners are looking forward to adding seats outdoors around the time the warmer summer weather starts rolling in.

Smith, who is a former cook at Rise! A Breakfast Place and Egg & I, developed the menu for the concept. The Coloradoan reports that items up for order include, of course, the green eggs and ham, as well as several Seuss-inspired takes on eggs Benedict (anybody else find their minds running wild here with the possibilities?), peanut butter and jelly-stuffed pancakes (so delicious and whimsical!), sandwiches and salads. 

As for the adults, don't you worry: Sammy's is also going to feature delicious brunch cocktails at its full bar, emphasizing bloody marys and mimosas.

"The breakfast places in town are proving to be very successful," Leonhard told the Coloradoan. "Most of them are grossing more than a million in sales.

"But the (Old Town breakfast spots) can be a parking nightmare. Here, we are set up with plenty of easy parking."

We suppose the only true test now will be if the popularity of the book really is enough to convince picky eaters that, in fact, they do like green eggs and ham -- Sam or not.