This Fast Food Chain Is Mas Healthful Than The Others

Well dang, Taco Bell. We see you!

The first thing that comes to mind when most of us hear the term "fast food" probably isn't health and wellness, but as it turns out, this fast food chain is leagues ahead of its competition in terms of offering healthier options.

In a world of Mac N’ Cheetos, Whopperitos and Chicken Rings, Taco Bell has sneakily evolved into a chain that can do both: Sure, you can order your Doritos-shell taco, if you are so inclined. But if you’re on the run and want to swap out cheese and meat for heaps of fresh vegetables, Taco Bell has your back.

According to Food Beast, a lot of this credit can be attributed to Taco Bell’s very own dietician and product developer. Did you even know that fast food chains had dieticians?

Anyway, her name is Missy Nelson, and she has apparently brought Taco Bell leaps and bounds from where it was before her improving influence. Taco Bell no longer offers artificial ingredients, for one thing. It made the switch over to cage-free eggs, for another.

But most meaningfully of all to discerning consumers: It now offers light but fulfilling options on its menu, so you don’t have to make loads of substitutions to get a meal that fits your diet.

Did we mention that Taco Bell has seen a 15 percent reduction in sodium across all menu items?

If you’re into protein, you need not ask repeatedly for extra meat and shell out more money for it; just order from Taco Bell’s high-protein "Cantina" menu. The low-calorie "Fresco" menu is often a smart and delicious choice for vegetarians and weight-watchers alike (although vegetarians also have the option of ordering from Taco Bell’s vegetarian menu, which is certified by the American Vegetarian Association -- seriously).

What’s nice is that Taco Bell isn’t trying to radically rebrand itself; we all know that if we’re going to eat at a fast food chain, it isn’t necessarily for our health. But who doesn’t appreciate enjoying a meal out with the option to order any which way we please?

Thank you, Taco Bell!