An Asiago Bagel with Mutard||Toast Circles||Cold, Leftover Pizza Stack||LE Corndog Royale||Chicken Checkers||Canned Refried Bean||Bacon and Ramen Wrapped Hot Dog.||Jamaican Beef Patty||Ham and Cheddar Lunchable with Dill||Chicken Nuggets

This Foodie Is Creating Beautiful Food On A Budget

How many times have you seen pictures of gorgeously plated food on social media, only to learn that the meals themselves cost more than your weekly grocery budget?

Unfortunately, however, while gourmet food may be appealing in theory, few of us have the money or resources to secure a reservation at a Michelin-starred restaurant or include caviar and truffles in our daily diets.

If you thought that your budget was prohibiting you from eating like a celebrity chef, though, you might want to think again. One Imgur user has defied all expectations by creating a litany of gorgeously plated, gourmet-looking food out of everyday staples such as ramen and corndogs.

It turns out that any food can look like a five-star meal if it is presented properly!

We suggest that you check out the inspiring images below, and then try them out on your friends and family this weekend. We bet that the extra time that you devote to artfully drizzling ketchup and chopping hot dogs will be more than worth it when you see the looks on your loved ones’ faces!