This Fried Pickle Restaurant Is Every Foodie's Dream

New York City dwellers, we know you live in the Big Apple -- but boy do you have something to celebrate if you enjoy finding yourself in a bit of a pickle every now and then.

A new, as-of-now unnamed restaurant is slated to hit the Lower East Side around March or April of this year, and it's dedicated to -- you got it -- fried pickles, and that's about it.

The Pickle Guys own a gourmet pickle store on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and it's currently the only pickle store that exists on Essex Street, according to the store's website. However, they have a newly relocated shop on 257 Grand Street, and according to Eater, that is where the 100 percent kosher lineup will feature all different kinds of fried pickles and other fried goodies: think tomatoes, mushrooms, okra, and more (including, of course, your standard pickled cucumber). 

"We pickle many, many things throughout the year," manager William Soo told Eater. "We’ll try to bring that stuff to the eatery."

That means you can also expect totally innovative items on the menu for a pickle shop; chicken sliders, beef sliders and burgers are not out of the question as of now.

The restaurant is meant to be casual, and is aiming to be more of a to-go order type of joint, but there will be some limited seating at tables as well as some bar stools to enjoy your briney treats at.