This Genius Made A Coffee Dispenser Out Of Legos (Video)

Keurigs were cool, like, four years ago. Now that the novelty of their sleek design and quick coffee-making speed has worn off, caffeine fiends need something much more avant-garde to be impressed. 

Consider their prayers answered, because someone made a coffee dispenser entirely out of Legos (video below). Toy YouTuber AstonishingStudios is behind the invention.

The machine, the functionality of which we cannot fully explain but will attempt to do so with some semblance of intelligence, is no simple feat of engineering. It has pull-out compartments for coins, tiny motors for moveable parts, and a keypad. The money door has two modes: one locked for public settings and one unlocked for private settings. It is also made of Legos.

First, you feed the machine a few coins because it does not heat your coffee for its health. Next, place your cup underneath the dispenser and press a button, which prompts the machine to release instant coffee powder and water.

When your cup is full, a tiny motor moves a metal object that heats the coffee in 45 seconds. 

For AstonishingStudios, which has also made Lego inventions like a KFC fried chicken machine and a McDonald's McFlurry maker, the coffee machine was not their first rodeo. Check out all of the features behind the invention below.