This Genius Turned A Filing Cabinet Into A Smoker (Video)

Summer is always the perfect time for cooking out. Most of us use grills or smokers to prepare enough food for the whole family and maybe even some dinner guests. What if we told you, you could double your cooking capacity by building your own smoker from office equipment? Joshua McIntyre of Mississippi has done just that (video below).

Delish reports that McIntyre turned an old file cabinet into his own personal double-capacity smoker! He posted a video on Facebook of his new cooker and pulled in over 8 million views. Apparently lots of people are interested in this innovative idea.

As you can see, the two top drawers of the cabinet are full of meats, even whole chickens! Then the bottom two drawers are set up for cooking. Brilliant! Take a look at the video below to get a close-up of how much he can cook in his brand "new" smoker.

Warning: Video contains expletives.