This Girl Is Trolling The Internet With Her Raw Chicken

Ugh. This is so gross.

Pretty much everybody knows that while some meats are acceptable to be eaten raw -- such as fish or cow -- other meats really need to be cooked all the way through in order to ensure that they are safe to consume, not to mention tasty -- like chicken, for example.

Everybody knew that, right? Right?


Apparently, Morgan Jane Gibbs missed the memo that raw chicken is bad chicken, because she posted her raw chicken recipe to Facebook, and didn't seem to be joking.

"Just made chicken medium rare chicken strips. They’re so good can’t believe I’ve never tried it like this before," she wrote on the post, adding:

"Can’t wait to dig into this with my homemade salad and veges. #healthy #newyearsresolution #clean #cleaneating."

Oh boy.

Luckily, the post received comments that seemed to aim at educating Gibbs about the danger of consuming raw chicken.

"Haha I like my chicken with less salmonella," said one commenter.

"Good for food poisoning that's all," commented another.

"This post has made me feel really ill," concluded somebody else.

We can only hope that this was just an attempt on Gibbs' part to go viral in the new year, and that she did not actually consume the chicken as pictured. We also advise anybody reading to please refrain from consuming raw or undercooked chicken, as it could potentially be very dangerous!