This Girl Sings About Her Love For The McDonald's McRib (Video)

We all have that one thing that spurs us to action: some of us are passionate about politics, others about cinema, others about artwork.

And this woman … well, this woman has found inspiration in the McDonald's McRib sandwich.

In case you didn't know, way back in 2014 McDonald's decided to allow individual franchises to determine whether or not they would offer the item on the menu. When Xanthe Pajarillo, a woman who clearly loves the sandwich, discovered that NONE of the 10 different McDonald's locations in her hometown of Santa Clarita, California, offered her beloved McRib, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She recorded a song just over three minutes long in which she plead to her city council members to help put the McRib back into her local McDonald's menus.

"On 24/11/2015 I spoke to the Santa Clarita City Council to help me bring back the McRib. It received mild media attention but not enough to influence any of the 10 restaurants in SCV to answer my plight," Pajarillo wrote of her experience.

"My fellow McRibians: please help get the word out to McDonald's. Will the power of song finally propel them to bring back our McRib? We can only try. Here is 'McRib Blues,' I hope you enjoy."

If you'd like to watch Pajarillo's plea to her actual SC City Council, you can view that YouTube video here. Otherwise, please enjoy the video of Pajarillo's song, 'McRib Blues' (below):