This Grandma's Reaction To Her Teen Granddaughter's Prom Dress Is Priceless (Photos)

A grandma got the surprise of a lifetime when her granddaughter showed up wearing her old prom dress, ready to go to her own high school prom.

In the clip, the grandmother is stunned when her teenage granddaughter shows up wearing the dress she wore to her high school prom 57 years earlier. The tears start to flow as the grandma marvels at how beautiful her granddaughter looks in her dress.

“Our niece was given this dress when she was a little girl for ‘dress up’ but they decided to keep it nice in the closet,” Angela Gillam wrote on her YouTube channel. “She decided to wear it for her high school graduation night. It was her grandma Dottie's prom dress from 57 years earlier and Grandma had no idea that she still had it, and was going to wear it for grad night. Needless to say there were lots of tears from everyone!”

Take a look at Grandma Dottie’s sweet reaction in the clip below!

Sources: RareAngela Gillam via YouTube