This Guy Hacked Halo And Created The Ultimate Virtual Beer Pong Game (Video)

Beer pong devotees have a new reason to celebrate. The cause? An ingenious gamer has finally combined drinking and video games to create virtual beer pong (video below). If you hear a noise, it’s probably the sound of frat boys around the nation crying tears of joy. According to Foodbeast, the game was crafted by Halo player AFTM Reclaimer. AFTM Reclaimer used Forge, a platform that allows users to create new maps in existing games, to build a beer pong map in Halo 5. Reddit user Zandril first brought the frat-tastic new game to the public eye by posting information about the map to the subreddit ‘r/gaming.’ Unsurprisingly, the game caught on immediately, generating more than 6,000 points in its first three hours. The beer pong map allows Halo soldiers actually to play beer pong, and appears to be both fun and user friendly. Unfortunately, however, the map is not yet commercially available on Xbox or PC, meaning that you might have to stick with real red Solo cups for the time being. Nonetheless, the new virtual beer pong map demonstrates the increasing connection between technology and food (or drink). The future is now, and it looks to be filled with alcoholic beverages and video games! Watch the video below to see the beer pong map in action, and get to brainstorming your own ideas for new food technologies!