This Guy Wants To Publish A Drake-Themed Cookbook

If you're reading this, it's not too late to help fund a Kickstarter project for an unofficial Drake cookbook.

Atlanta resident and Drake fan Ben Devore needs to raise $20,000 more by August 17, for his dream to come true.

"If you're like most people, then food and Drake are two of your favorite things," his Kickstarter description reads. "With this project, I'm aiming to combine those interests into a collection of unique and delicious Drake-themed recipes sure to impress even the biggest music and culinary buffs."

His inspiration for the book came about, he wrote, as he was whisking an egg wash while listening to Drake's "10 Bands" -- specifically, the lyric, " the Six cooking with the wrist motion."

Devore's proposed cookbook promises to include recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, desserts and drinks. The title of each dish is a nod to a Drake hit. Think "Back to Baby Back Ribs" and "Hotline Wings."

My personal suggestions include "Pop(corn) Style Shrimp," "Too Good Tacos," "Best Brownies I Ever Had" and, of course, "Pound Cake." I trust Devore has hit at least one of these marks.

Drake's days as an actor on Degrassi aren't neglected, either; the book includes instructions for "DeGrassi-Fed Burgers."

Devore has a full-time job at an advertising agency, but he said his book will deliver not only delicious recipes, but top-notch photography and "extremely entertaining hip-hop puns and references," as well.

The project, titled If You're Eating This It's Too Late, has received just $205 of its needed $25,000. He hopes to release the book by the fall of 2017. Nevertheless, Chef Devore seems optimistic online.

"I believe the estimated completion date gives me plenty of time to complete the project, but if there are delays I will be sure to maintain full transparency with my backers through regular updates," he wrote.

Much of his transparency comes from his Instagram account, @whisk_god (a reference to "6 God", which he uses to document the project). The latest video, posted three weeks ago, looks promising, featuring a bubbling strawberry reduction.

Unofficial "Whisk God" logo #whiskgod #ifyoureeatingthisitstoolate

A photo posted by @whisk_god on

Pledging at least $15 will get you a "Whisk God" sticker. Give $25 and you'll get your name listed in the book's "Special Thanks" section. The rewards will, you guessed it, only improve with larger donations.

Click here to donate and watch Devore's video explaining the project.