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This Guy's Checked Airline Baggage? One Can Of Beer (Photos)

An airline passenger is winning over the hearts and minds of many after his unusual checked luggage -- a single can of beer -- turned some heads.


A. Single. Can. Of. Beer.

Emu Export lager, specifically.

"It honestly just seemed like a good laugh, an idea a mate and I cooked -- pretty much a meme in real life for all the export drinkers out there," the hero, identified only as Dean, told Mashable.

He's a dang hero.

The fabulous moment, like many beautiful incidents, was born out of necessity. Dean was flying Qantas from Melbourne, Australia, to Perth, Australia, on July 8 and said he got there "too late" to check in the Perth-made brew.

Getting the single drink cleared wasn't a walk in the park, though.

"It wouldn't register the can as a bag so I had to use some creative tray stacking to fool it into thinking there was a bag on the conveyor," he explained. "Was bloody stoked when it finally went green and zoomed off."

Dean was in suspense when he arrived at the baggage claim. Would such a goofy package really make it back to him?

"If it arrived at the other end and had been drunk I probably could have forgiven the baggage boys for not being able to resist the bush chook temptation," he said, adding that he "was prepared to submit a lost luggage report" if the can disappeared or came back empty.

But it came back on the conveyer belt just fine.

"A shoutout to the Perth baggage handlers -- they sent the can out way before any of the other luggage," Dean said. 

Dean is not the first person to check his Australian lager. Peter Ellis, of travel site FlightMood, told The Daily Mail that he has noticed something of a trend when it comes to people checking the beer on their flights.

"Export being checked in as baggage is not an uncommon site so I wasn't even surprised," he explained to the international publication. "I've seen Export being flown as far as Greece - now that's dedication!"