This Hack Turns Toasters Into Grilled Cheese Machines

For most people, the process of discovering a reliable shortcut is extremely pleasurable.

Sometimes it’s as simple as finding a more efficient way to fold your laundry; on a mass scale, companies have given us items like Cup O’ Noodles or microwaveable meals to cut down on the time it takes to prepare food.

One "hack" that debuted sometime last year, however, was a false one; somebody on the internet claimed that by turning your toaster on its side, you could make (a good) grilled cheese without a stovetop.

Of course, that person was wrong, and many amateur chefs tried and failed miserably at the attempt, receiving only burnt bread and cheese-encrusted toasters for their efforts.

However, a special toaster sleeve sold on UncommonGoods now allows you to pop your cheesy bread into your toaster for the perfect grilled sandwich.

"Hot, melty comfort food is now popping up in a more convenient form," reads the product description on the UncommonGoods website. "These pouches let you pop a cheese sandwich into the toaster for perfect grilling -- no pre-heating the pan, waiting to flip the sandwich, or laborious clean up afterward. Simply lift the pouch from the toaster using the integrated handles and slide your sandwich out onto your plate."

What’s more, the bags are non-stick and heat resistant (so no need to worry about your cheese sticking to the bag or burning during the cooking process), and are easily cleaned with soapy water. Each bag can also be used up to 50 times -- that’s a lot of grilled cheese, folks!

For now, you can order your Toaster Grilled Cheese Bags for $9.99 on the UncommonGoods website, although here’s hoping these start popping up in stores nationwide soon!