This Halloween We Only Want To Eat Cadbury Screme Eggs (Photos)

Halloween is upon us! And once again, trick-or-treaters of all shapes and sizes, scary and adorable, modest and greedy, will clamor at your front door, buzzing the doorbell earnestly for some delicious candy to add to their pillowcase sacks.

Next time you head to the store, think about what kind of candy you'll be handing out this year! Take care to buy the "good candy" because once word gets out that your house "delivers," you can expect nicer trick-or-treaters; a pleasant change from the grab-it-and-run exchange.

If you're an adult, you'll notice that Halloween just isn't the same anymore. Toothbrushes, granola bars, plastic trinkets; they rarely found their way into your heaping candy stash at the end of the night. Nowadays? Well, good candy is a commodity to trick-or-treaters, and if you're going to hand out candy this year, why not make it good, and different too.

The delightful Easter Cadbury Creme Egg, a creme-filled chocolate shell, wrapped in bright pastel colors, got a Halloween makeover. The ghoulish Screme Egg, with a glowing green fondant center is scary delicious, and these limited edition must-haves are the perfect Halloween treats for trick-or-treaters, and for yourself (treat yoself).

Food blogger Dinosaur Dracula got a chance to taste these Screme Eggs, and as much as the green goo looks unappealing, "the flavor of the gooey fondant remains unchanged from Cadbury's usual formula," the blogger writes. "So even if it looks disgusting, it still tastes like the perennial star of any Easter basket worth saying 'thank you' for."

Screme Eggs are also the spookiest surprise addition to Halloween treats like cupcakes and brownies! Check out some Halloween-inspired goodies to serve at your next party:

Screme Brownies are super easy to whip up and really make the Screme goo stand out!

Zombie Cupcakes look too cute to eat!

Spider Egg Brownie Cake has layers of green filling -- the perfect way to freak your guests out!

Hunt down these Screme Eggs before they run out! You can buy one pack of five on Amazon now; get them while you last!