This Hilarious 'Alternate Facts' Pizza Has 0 Calories

We see you, Villa Italian Kitchen -- and we think you're amazing.

For those who are unaware, on Jan. 22, 2017, Kellyanne Conway, who is the Counselor to the President, was trying to defend some blatant falsehoods that the White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, had released. Rather than own up and say that he had "lied," Conway said Spicer was merely using "alternative facts." Since then, the term "alternative facts" (or "alternate facts") has basically become our nation's newest catch-phrase.

Enter: Villa Italian Kitchen, a New Jersey-based chain that has delightfully decided to release its newest pizza creation on its Facebook page.

The "Alternate Facts" pizza, according to the chain, is a "zero-calorie 6-slice pizza loaded with all your favorites: bacon, pepperoni, ham, sausage, house made sauce and 100% whole-milk mozzarella. This pizza is positively presidential -- it’s going to be YUGE."

That's right, ya'll. Every single slice of this banging pizza is smothered with loads of sauce, cheese and a handful of different calorically dense and fatty meats; however, because it's an "Alternate Facts" pizza, the entire thing can be consumed for ZERO calories.

Har dee har har.

"After we saw some of the memes floating around online, we thought, who couldn’t get behind a zero-calorie meat lovers pizza?" spokesperson for Villa Italian Kitchen, Brian Lowe, told Munchies.

"We don’t consider this a political stand. This is a lighthearted response to a trending topic.

"We’re simply trying to inject a little levity into the political atmosphere to help remedy the tension that has built up over the last few weeks," Lowe explained.