This Hilarious Sketch Is Every Instagram Foodie (Video)

Are you one of those people who can't take a bite of your food until after you get the perfect shot of it on your phone and post it on Instagram? Or maybe you are sick of waiting 10 minutes after your food arrives for your friend or significant other to get the perfect shot of their dinner, dessert, coffee, snack, you name it… If you can relate, you'll love this video that brilliantly calls out Instagram foodies who just have to get the right picture every time before digging into their dinners.

At the beginning of the YouTube sketch, produced by AwesomenessTV, a man and woman sit in a hip coffee joint when somebody brings the man a cup of black coffee.

"That's good," he says, pulling out his phone. "That needs to go on the 'gram for sure."

But he just can't quite get the perfect snap, so he has the woman move around and light the shot for him. He enlists a stranger in the coffee shop to help with the lighting, and before you know it, a whole film crew is in the restaurant, complete with an assistant director yelling out instructions.

Hundreds of shots and an exasperated dining partner later, he finally gets the perfect photo of his coffee.

I'm sure most of us can relate, whether we have been the offender or sat helplessly while our foodie friends compose the 100th perfect shot of their latte.

This widespread phenomenon has actually been stirring up a lot of attention lately – even mental health experts are scrutinizing our behavior. Some of them even say that food photography correlates with mental illness and can encourage unhealthy eating habits.

"The concern becomes when all they do is send pictures of food," Dr. Valerie Taylor, chief of psychiatry at Women's College Hospital at the University of Toronto, told the Huffington Post. "We take pictures of things that are important to us, and for some people, the food itself becomes central and the rest – the venue, the company, et cetera — is background."

Frankly, we don't really see a problem with that -- food is super important to us too. Just don't forget to take a step back and enjoy the good company you break bread with every now and again.