The Craziest Starbucks Order Ever

This Is Definitely The Craziest Starbucks Order Ever

First of all, I want to say I'm pretty sure this drink order is a joke. Having said that, it brings up a valid point. It is an example of just how picky and difficult some customers want to be. I say want because I think you'd only order a drink like this out of a desire to be difficult.

We've all been in line behind them at some point, the customers who want to "show off" how much they know about coffee and about all the different ways to order a drink. A Reddit user shared this picture from a friend who works at Starbucks, and the drink order covers two stickers going down the side of the cup. Fabulous.

If you're one of these customers, and you didn't know how baristas feel about this, please take note. It's just simply not nice. One Redditor brings up a very interesting point, something I've often wondered myself: How do customers "ever figure out that that's how they like their 'coffee' in the first place? Like what series of events occurs that you find out you like exactly 6 sugars and 3 Splenda, along with 2 cream, 1 skim, and 2 ice cubes?" Please, someone tell me the answer to this, because I'm dying to know!

This is more than just an issue for Starbucks baristas; it's an issue for customer service people in general. As someone who spent five years waiting tables to get through college, I've seen my fair share of unnecessarily difficult orders. I'd bet that pretty much everyone in the food service industry has at least one aggravating story.

Redditors go on to contemplate what it is that makes people want to order things like, a Grande vanilla bean Frappuccino with heavy cream, half-soy Lactaid milk in a Venti cup without ice or water and with honey and extra caramel drizzle … tired yet? Some believe it's an ego thing, a source of pride for the customer. Others believe it's a desire for that customer to show that he/she knows coffee. I'll let you in on a little secret though -- baristas think it's cool if you drink your coffee black.