Salt Shaker Ever (Photo)

This Is 'Smalt,' The Most Pretentious Salt Shaker Ever (Photo)

If you're already feeling yourself in the kitchen but are looking to elevate your culinary game only marginally, then you should probably start experimenting a little more with spices.

Most people know that a dish can go from bland and mediocre to gourmet with the right amount of salt and pepper to give it a little boost.

However, until now, you've probably been content to just sprinkle on a dose of the white stuff out of a salt shaker, or at the very least, out of the container you bought it in. This company would have you believe that that's not good enough any longer.

Introducing the "Smalt": It's the salt shaker that comes with a Bluetooth, because apparently if you're not seasoning with a device that also can play you music and flash party lights on your dish, you're not even seasoning at all!

The Smalt is the brainchild of a California-based lifestyle company called Herb & Body.

"Our first innovation, 'SMALT', is the first of its kind to market and will transform an ordinary kitchen tool that people have been using for centuries into an experience for the senses."

You can play music with your Smalt; you can use its color-changing mood light for ambiance; and you can, of course, actually just use it as a normal salt shaker to make your pasta dish taste better.

What do you think of the Smalt? Would you drop cash on this party gift, or are you cool with just using a stereo or Spotify to play the music while you season your dish the old-fashioned way?