This Is What Happens When You Drop A Rubber-Coated Watermelon 150 Feet (Video)

Can you guess what would happen to a watermelon if you dropped it from 100 feet in the air? Yeah, probably. It busts. Actually, this one looks a little more like it exploded.

What happened to the regular watermelon, although fun to watch, was not the news of the day for YouTube group “How Ridiculous,” who films themselves doing crazy things and posts to YouTube in response to suggestions from readers. The real news is what happens with the rubber-coated watermelon.

So, the group takes the second watermelon and uses a spray-on rubber material called Line-X to coat and protect it. They then drop the coated watermelon from 150 feet in the air. Surprisingly enough, it not only stays intact, it actually bounces! Where a normal watermelon would explode, the rubber coated watermelon bounced.

You’ll notice in the video below that the guys did admit that beneath the rubber coating, the watermelon definitely broke. There is some speculation in the comment thread that suggests it only stays intact because the coating is so thick, and that makes the result somewhat less impressive. To be honest, I’m more impressed with what happens later.

After seeing that the watermelon is still in one piece (thanks to its protective layer), the guys continue to try and break it, now by swinging a hatchet down on it several times. To my astonishment, it still doesn’t even crack! That’s pretty amazing.

At the end of the video, you’ll see proof that there’s actually a watermelon under there when they use a table saw to open it up. You know, in case everyone is starting to wonder. That’s when it’s revealed just how thick that coating of rubber really is.

Crazily enough, when they open the rubber layering, it is revealed that the inside of the watermelon did not take the hits nearly as well as the outer protective layer. The actual meat of the water melon falls right out onto the ground. However, the rind itself only suffers one hole in the bottom. See for yourself in the video below!