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This Is Why You Should Be Drinking Beer Cocktails

We here at Food Please love beer. I mean, we love it. But sometimes you need to try something new and switch things up, you know? We endeavored to improve upon perfection and found that there are a ton of great beer cocktails out there that are really refreshing when you want to change things up.

If beer really isn't your thing, give these Tequila drinks a try, although we think that beer drinkers and non-beer drinkers alike will find something they like in these beer cocktails. 

Quintessential Beer Cocktails:

1. Black and Tan

Can't decide if you want stout or something lighter? Guinness is great, but have you ever tried mixing it with something lighter for a really unique but simple twist on your normal brew? Using the back of a spoon, gently pour Guinness (or similar Irish stout) over half a pint of a lighter beer like Harp or Boddington's. Enjoy!

2. Black Velvet

 Black Velvet

Mix half a glass of champagne with half a glass of Guinness. Stir gently. Drink vigorously.

3. Snakebite


Half cider, half lager or stout, completely delicious. This is a great one for beer drinkers who want cider on occasion but find it too cloying. If you want, add a dash of blackcurrant syrup for a special twist.

4. Lemon Shandy

This classic beer cocktail mixes a lighter beer (we recommend pilsner) and lemonade for a sweet treat.

5. Spicy Michelada

Great for hair of the dog or any time you want a refreshing beer drink with a major kick.

And now for something completely different…

You've tried all the go-to beer cocktails, and you want to mix it up a little by trying something new and unique. We hear you. For those with more adventurous palettes, give these a try!

1. El Ayudacal

Pacifico or other cerveza, lime juice, agave and lime zest all stirred together. Ridiculously tasty.

2. Berry Lager

wheat beer

Try throwing a handful of blueberries into your lager or wheat beer. Ideally you'd brew the beer with blueberries, but in case you don't have your own home brew setup, feel free to skip that step. If the blueberry flavor isn't strong enough, muddle about half of the blueberries. Or try this one with pale ale, blackberries and lemon.

3. Bul

This Cuban classic features your favorite light beer, ginger ale, sugar and a little lime. Count us in.

4. Guinness Cream Soda

Club soda, vanilla liqueur and ginger liqueur will make your Guinness taste like dessert.