This Isn't Just Coffee, It's Coffee With Protein!

High-protein diets are the newest trend, and for good reason. Protein is said to help keep you fuller longer so that you don't overeat or snack needlessly. It's also said to help you keep your muscles from disappearing.

What else is highly loved? Coffee. That piping hot cup of caffeine that helps jumpstart your day. What's not to love? Well, now there's twice the reason to reach for a cup of coffee in the mornings. Huffington Post reports that LonoLife has come out with a Kona Blend, 100% Arabica Protein Coffee. That's right, take your two favorite diet trends and mesh them together. Protein coffee is the end result.

The idea behind this new development is that the protein will fill you up more than a regular cup of coffee would, so you won't go reaching for a muffin or donut at breakfast, or brunch time. Smart!

The type of protein used in this coffee is animal-based collagen, which is actually used as a protein for those who follow the paleo diet. I guess that means it's not fit for vegetarians. Good news, though … There are protein coffees out there with whey protein as well!

Actually, while the protein-plus-coffee product is new, LonoLife is not the first company to make it. It is, however, the first company to offer it in K-cup form. Also a bonus is that the K-cups used are 100% recyclable.


If you're like me, and you prefer vegetable protein sources, try the iEatProtein or Maine Roast Protein Coffee brands, both of which use whey rather than animal-based protein, so you can enjoy the coffee even as a vegetarian. Many of these coffee types are used as regular coffee replacements nowadays, so if you're health conscious, or just want to cut back on your snacking, trying a new protein-packed coffee might be the answer. Some varieties, like the LonoLife mentioned above, even carry more protein than an egg. Bodybuilders rejoice! Your breakfast doesn't have to consist only of eggs anymore. Shake it up and don't feel guilty about your cup of joe.