This Italian Chef Went Off About Vegans

Italian TV Chef Gianfranco Vissani is in hot water over comments he made regarding vegans. On an episode of an Italian TV program called "On Air," he mentioned vegans and compared them to a religious cult.

According to The Local, when discussing a different topic completely (molecular gastronomy), one chef on the program referred to it as a lifestyle. This is what set Vissani off on his tirade. He interrupted to ask, "What do you mean, like vegans?" Then continued to share his feelings about vegans, much to the distaste of his fellow chefs on the show.

"Vegans are like [members of] a sect, they're like Jehovah's Witnesses," he continued.

After initial laughter and retorts from others in the studio, Vissani added, "And I mean vegans, not vegetarians. What would I do with the vegans? I would kill them all."

As can be expected, this comment sparked outrage everywhere. Many vegans took to Twitter to express their anger over the comments.

According to the Daily Meal, however, not everyone was outraged. Some of Vissani's fans praised him for his harsh words, feeling that he had taken a stand for meat-eaters.