This Machine Is The Keurig Of Warm, Delicious Cookies

This sounds like something we need in our kitchen, like, yesterday.

Is there anything better than the smell of fresh, warm cookies baking in the oven? Probably not --and now achieving the perfect cookie is more manageable than ever with The CHiP Cookie Pod, a new device that has already raised more than $16,000 on its KickStarter page for essentially being the Keurig of cookies.

"We created CHiP to make baking easier for everyone, starting with cookies," reads the CHiP's introduction. "He brings the joy of warm freshly baked cookies in under 10 minutes to you and those you love. Simply pick what flavors you’d like, and let CHiP take care of the rest. Have your own recipe? No worries, CHiP can help you [bake] those perfectly too!"

The best part? Busy bakers don't have to worry about preparing all of the ingredients, or cleaning up after themselves; CHiP uses environmentally-friendly packaged premixed dough pods for its device. All you have to do to get your perfect cookie going is scan, drop your cookie dough pod into the device, and press start. In ten minutes or less, your perfectly executed cookies await. What's more, the company is currently experimenting with biodegradable parchment paper wrappers to maximize your environmentally conscious efforts.

If you want to cook your own secret cookie recipe in the machine, worry not: CHiP allows you to set it on manual mode, which enables you to set your own time and temperature to your preference.

Here's the downside: CHiP's Kickstarter page states that right now, you can grab it for $99; in the future, however, it will retail at $249, and that does not include how much you'll pay for your cookie dough pods. Those will go for about $1.25-$2.25, and not for a whole dozen -- that's the price for a single, measly cookie.

Still, the premise is interesting. Do you think YOU'LL use a CHiP in the future?