This Magical Machine Makes Cocktails In The Push Of A Button

Are you an aspiring mixologist, but also kind of lazy? If so, you're in luck!

The world’s first app-controlled robotic bartending appliance (say that five times fast) is now in its final phases of manufacturing, which means that soon, you can have this handy-dandy appliance in your kitchen, crafting thoroughly mixed cocktails with infused bitters in seconds.

The appliance is called Somabar, and essentially can make cocktails for you the same way that pod coffee makers can. Somabar operates six refillable "Soma Pods” (sort of like the grown-up version of K-Cups) filled with different kinds of liqueurs, syrups, mixers, and bitters to experiment with.

What’s more, the Somabar is expected to be available in five different colors, and is actually Wi-Fi operated, which means you can order your drink with the click of a button, and pick it up whenever you so desire.

"We have a passion for cocktails. So we spent the last three years designing the robotic bartender we always wanted in our own kitchens. We’ve been obsessed with three principles: Performance, Perfection and Price. As a result, Somabar delivers mouthwatering bitters infused cocktails in under 5 seconds and is priced the same as an affordable smart appliance,” reads the Kickstarter.

"While drinking delicious cocktails and sharing them with your friends always makes for a great night, making them is a pain. Even if you had a recipe book, jigger, strainer, twisted bar spoon, cocktail shaker and a mixing glass, you probably don’t have the wealth of experience that a bartender or mixologist has. No problem, because Somabar does. It takes the pain out of making great cocktails and requires you to do just one thing, press a button."

Really beats competing with nine strangers to catch your bartender’s eye on a busy night, no?

You can pre-order the snazzy units for $429 at the Somabar website now.