This Magical Snow Lemonade Is Truly Sensational (Video)

For those of us stuck in the Northeast right now, Storm Stella is making everything cold and icy sound pretty awful -- everything except for this new treat.

Of course, the treat in question is offered in California, at a restaurant called Cafe Maji, and it is coming hard after all previous viral food trends to reign supreme as the coolest (literally) of them all.

Cafe Maji has created something called Snow Lemonade. Essentially, its a lemonade drink topped with a huge tuft of candy floss (yum) that melts back into your drink magically just like snow when you pour liquid on top of it.

Seriously. You just pour some tea on top and watch the candy combine and deflate into your lemonade, thus sweetening the final beverage.

I know it sounds kind of silly, but the effect is actually really cool and is sure to impress all of your online foodie Instagram friends.

Cotton candy lemonade ????

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Additionally, some of the drinks use butterfly pea flower extract. What this does is make the drinks actually change color as the tea is added and the candy floss melts.

Snow Lemonade looks like it belongs in Hogwarts!

Earl gray lemonade ?? ??

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Metro also reports that Cafe Maji is going a step beyond their already fabulous creation, and is offering patrons a similarly sensational product: the Snow Affogato.

It's a vanilla ice cream dish that is topped with -- you guessed it -- candy floss. Just pour some coffee on top and watch the snow melt into a cozy, cool and lush dessert.

What do you think? Do you want to give these ultra swanky products a try?