This Man Attacked And Scalped His Ex-Girlfriend - And That Wasn't Even The Worst Part

A Walton, Kentucky, man is accused of ripping off the scalp of his ex-girlfriend with the help of his dog.

Zachary Gross, 30, allegedly attacked Marilyn Stanley inside his home, FOX 19 reports.

For nearly an hour, Gross physically abused Stanley. When she refused to drop a knife she was using for self-defense, he allegedly urged his dog to attack her, Boone County Sheriff’s spokesman Tom Scheben said.

The argument began over a Facebook post Stanley made that angered Gross.

Part of Stanley’s ear and scalp were torn off by the dog.

Gross forced Stanley to look in the mirror following the attack while he ridiculed her appearance.

After the attack, Stanley was driven by Gross to her mother’s home, where he left her in the front yard with a plastic bag containing part of her scalp.

About 80 percent of the woman's scalp was detached from her head, her eyes were swollen to the size of baseballs, and she had a broken nose.

Stanley has since undergone multiple surgeries.

"I've been physically changed for the rest of my life," she said.

The GoFundMe page set up by a friend of the victim details the horrific attack she endured.

“Out of fear, she walked into his house to feel the force of his fist against her face, followed by a brutal beating to the rest of her body and legs to her now cracked ribs," the page reads. "This demon of a man forced her to his bedroom where his pit bull violently attacked her upon his command.

As a result the dog took portions of her ears that would later have to be stitched back on, and to leave some missing. As the dog was ripping in to her face and head, this man took something sharp cutting into her main artery and that wasn’t the worst of it, he cut into her scalp leaving her with 70% of her skull exposed.”

The dog has been sent to the pound after being classified as a vicious animal.

Gross faces charges of assault and harboring a vicious animal.

Sources: FOX 19GoFundMe / Photo credit: GoFundMe