This Man's Lost Wedding Ring Was Found Inside A Carrot

Sometimes, we all just need to indulge in some mindless, feel-good news to lift our spirits. And sometimes, that news comes our way in the form of a carrot.

Munchies reports that after an 82-year-old German man lost his golden wedding band in 2013, his wife did not freak out, lament the loss or scold him. Instead, she simply reassured him that somehow, someday, the ring would reappear into their lives.

While that declaration probably provided the elderly man with reassurance -- that their love, clearly, was not bound to the jewelry -- his wife passed away not long after she made her faithful and loving statement.

So we can only imagine the mixture of elation, nostalgia and hope this man must have felt when, just days after what would have been the couple's 50th wedding anniversary, the man did indeed find his wedding ring -- wrapped around a stout carrot.

Yes, when we say carrot, we mean the kind you like to eat. And yes, when we say wrapped around, we mean it was as though the carrot were a finger, wearing his wedding band.

In all likelihood, the man's ring dropped while he was out in the garden and somehow managed to fall right on top of a carrot seed waiting to sprout.

"Clearly, you reap what you sow," the man told WDR, according to Munchies.

Interestingly, something similar happened in 2011. BBC reports that 16 years after losing her wedding band, a Swedish woman also discovered it on a carrot growing in her garden.

Apparently, she had lost the ring in her kitchen in 1995, and although the ring no longer fit her upon finding it, she was still shocked and amazed by her ultimate good fortune.

"The carrot was sprouting in the middle of the ring," the woman's husband, Ola, told a local newspaper, according to BBC. "It is quite incredible."