This Man's Pop-Tart Sandwich Is Shameful And Criminal (Photo)

This Iowa man discovered the quickest way to be internet shamed and disowned by his fellow Iowans in a single tweet.

Chris Jorgensen posted his version of a toaster pastry sandwich, which he claimed was a common practice among Midwesterners. The sandwich consists of two strawberry toaster pastries and a single slice of American cheese melted in between -- and was just the right combo to enrage the internet.

"You ain't from Iowa if you never had one of these," the tweet said, inciting severe backlash from Jorgensen's Midwestern peers.

The Iowa State Campus Police deemed it worthy of a crime (against Iowans and humanity, at large) and tweeted about Jorgensen's violent food crime, writing "You're under arrest."

A fellow Iowan chimed in to speak out against Jorgensen's misjudgment on the the state's food culture and tweeted, "I'm from Iowa and will not allow our good name to be besmirched by this food monstrosity."

And so, a Twitter user suggested "passing" Jorgensen to neighboring state Wisconsin because of the state's notorious "cheese heads." The tweet said, "on behalf of iowa, this man is not from iowa. passing to wisconsin since they're the cheese state."

But this is not to be confused with a senseless food crime, as Jorgensen's Pop-Tart on cheese dish was a deliberate experiment with gross food combinations (we can see that). Jorgensen told the Des Moines Register that he ate just a single bite (at the behest of his college roommates) before posting it to Twitter, where it was taken into serious account by Iowans, Wisconsinites, Pop-Tart lovers, foodies, and just about everyone on Twitter.

It wasn't until a few days after Jorgensen's divisive tweet that it was discovered to be simply a bored college student exercising his misguided creativity in the kitchen. (At least, that's the "nice" Midwestern kind of thing to say.)

It could be awhile before Jorgensen can be trusted to touch a toaster oven. But according to Today, his saving grace was the plate on which he put his Pop-Tart cheese sandwich. The plate apparently was popular among Iowan grandmas, which could be enough to restore the approval among his fellow Midwesterners.