This Pizza Shop Is Offering Free Pizzas In Exchange For Guns

Gun violence is a major problem for Indianapolis' east-side population. In a dangerous part of the city that's been described as being "like a war zone," a pizza restaurant owner is trying to make a difference.

Rather than being caught with illegal weapons, residents are urged to exchange them with D&C Pizza's Donald Dancy for a free extra large pie. Because guns typically run for a few hundred dollars each, this seems like a rather lopsided trade. But Dancy doesn't think so.

In an interview with WXIN, he explained that he sees kids ages 14-18 buying pizzas with their guns visible. He's offering a safe way for them to turn the guns over without being penalized for having them. In exchange, they get free pizza.

According to Grub Street, Dancy is hoping this promotion will do something to help the crime in this area based on everyone's willingness to do just about anything for pizza. He has printed coupons and distributed them around town, hoping to spread the word and begin the process soon. However, there is one current setback. The plan hasn't cleared with police yet.

Grub Street reports that Dancy has developed a plan with police that would allow him to collect the firearms in a safe place, and then the police can show up when necessary to confiscate them. This way, he doesn't begin an arsenal of his own. Honestly, I could see him becoming a target for crime himself, once it became known that he had a stash of untraceable weapons. Hopefully when the plan is hashed out, he'll have a way of keeping himself safe as well.

Other local businesses have expressed interest in getting behind this idea, but are hesitant based on what happened to a local church. WXIN reports that Bishop Damon Roach of First Christian Baptist Church worked in 2013 and 2014 to collect illegal guns, in exchange for hundreds of dollars in donation money.

Unfortunately, the church was reportedly vandalized and set on fire as a result. Scary!

Let's hope Dancy is on to something in his belief that people will do anything for pizza.