Pizza Topped With Peeps Is A Culinary Crime (Photo)

This Pizza Topped With Peeps Is A Culinary Crime (Photo)

What is with the internet's obsession with food hybrids these days?

Some of the combos are sort of understandable, albeit total culinary monstrosities. While I can't say, for example, that I would ever in good conscience go out and buy an order of Mac N' Cheetos from Burger King, I do understand the product's appeal: Cheese and crunch works together; it's excessive, but it follows logic.

But this? This is just too much.

Somebody had the bright (read: heinously misguided) idea to try and get into the Easter spirit by combining a culinary classic -- cheese pizza -- with a staple of the Easter holidays: Peeps candy.

Look, I get the Peeps Oreo thing. It's just two sweet things mushed together into one cookie. But Peeps do not belong on pizza. I don't care what you say.

The person who tweeted out the picture tried to defend their despicable mashup by likening the flavor profile to pineapple on pizza, only better.

I get what they're going for, okay? Pineapples are sweet; Peeps are sweeter.

But this is garbage!

What's crazy is that so many people responded to the tweet positively, saying that they'd be interested in sampling the Peeps pizza pie; however, others were more skeptical:

"I mean this looks awful but yes it is better than pineapple pizza," tweeted one user.

"This is a crime against both God and man," wrote another.

Where do you fall in this controversy?