This Pop-Up Restaurant Exclusively Serves Airline Food

When most people think of airplane food, the words "haute cuisine," "gourmet" and "fine dining" probably aren't the first terms that come to mind.

In fact, one of the most exciting things about flying for me is getting those little Lotus cookies that Delta hands out for free with the beverages, but I would hardly call those a meal -- just a delicious snack to tide me over until I can grab some real lunch at my final destination.

However, a pop-up restaurant in London's Soho is looking to change that perception, apparently, as it opened on April 24 and offered a menu that featured exclusively airline food to its patrons.

And here's the kicker: The reason the eatery decided to feature only food that you get during your flight is because reportedly, the results of a survey of 1,000 U.K. adults showed that British people believe that the meals they chow down on while flying are terrible -- like, way worse than the meals served in subpar school cafeterias and the mush that is served at hospitals.


The Sun reports that the menu at the restaurant is cheekily named "This Is How We Fly," and was devised by chef and restaurateur Peter Gordon in an effort to show off just how fresh and satisfying the on-board fare of Air New Zealand truly is.

Aha! So this is all beginning to make sense now. This isn't just any pop-up restaurant; it's a pop-up restaurant sponsored by Air New Zealand.

"When you’re sitting on an airplane you want food with fresh ingredients and great texture that’s going to awaken your taste buds and really excite you," Gordon told The Sun. "The food served on board Air New Zealand uses the finest, fresh ingredients that are simply bursting with [flavor]."

Adds Jo Copestake, Air New Zealand's general manager in the U.K. and Europe: "At Air New Zealand we make a virtue of flying long-haul so serving great food is just one element of the in-flight experience.

"The research findings are interesting but I suspect they just haven’t travelled with us -- flying should be enjoyed, not endured."

Would you be willing to give airplane food a shot if your preferred airline offered a pop-up to try and woo you? Or will you steadfastly be packing your meals?