This Restaurant In London Just Launched A Menu Written Only In Emojis

Welcome to the future of dining.

Gone are the days when you could sit down at a restaurant, read a menu from left to right (assuming you’re at an establishment catering to English-speaking customers) and then order your meal.

Welcome to 2016, also known as the year the London restaurant called The Little Yellow Door decided to cleanse its menus of the restrictive written word, and employ a more universal language — one made out of pictorial abstractions.

That’s right: their specials menu is written entirely in emojis, and if you want to eat at the Notting Hill pop-up, you’re going to have have to decipher what their emoji sequences mean.

Basically, for the duration of summer, guests will place their orders for the emoji-specials menu via WhatsApp. Says owner Kamran Dehdashti, 34, to the Evening Standard: “We like to embrace technology and we thought this could be a cool way to engage with our audience, get them to WhatsApp what they want to eat, and we bring it to them. Emojis are now really part of everyday conversation. 

“When we first opened we pioneered doing all our bookings by WhatsApp. The reason being that if you were going over to someone’s house, you’d probably text or WhatsApp them.”

The dishes, which come with rankings ranging from “easy” to “not-so-easy” to decipher, are meant to be a fun innovation for guests; however, Dehdashti reassures guests that the waitstaff will inform unamused customers of their options — they need only ask.

“The Yellow Door house punch has a yellow heart, a door, a house emoji then the punch. You’d figure that out. 

“Buffalo chicken wings with crudites and blue cheese sauce, that takes a little bit of working out. But that’s the whole point — it’s fun. Worst-case scenario, you can always ask the waiter.”