This Restaurant's Gene Wilder Tribute Burger Is Pure Imagination

As you probably know, comedic actor Gene Wilder passed away on Aug. 29 at his home in Stamford, Connecticut. He was 83, and was well known for his roles in many Mel Brooks’ comedies, but is remembered by most as the original Willy Wonka.

While we all mourn his passing, we also remember the comedy he has brought into our lives, and Bar Luca of Australia has found a creative and imaginative way of celebrating him. They’ve deemed it Wonka Week, and introduced the Beauregard Burger, complete with: tomato soup jelly, a beef patty, fried potatoes, popping cheese, blueberry onion jam, Wonka sauce and a rainbow milk bun, all for $16.

According to The Huffington Post, the burgers are available from Sept. 5-10, and one lucky diner will find a golden ticket in his or her meal, guaranteeing a mystery prize.

As you can see, the golden ticket looks very much like the original, and would be a prize in itself. I wonder what the restaurant will offer the lucky winner? Maybe a free burger or two, or maybe something completely unrelated to food?

Those rainbow milk buns are truly fantastic; they look just like something we could have seen in the chocolate factory. That is, if the chocolate factory had anything other than candy, of course.

What an awesome way to celebrate a man of pure imagination. Others have remembered him their own ways, through art and music. I wonder what else we might see in the upcoming weeks. While the comedic genius of Gene Wilder will be missed, it’s obvious that his creative influence will live on.