This Starbucks Ombre Tea Is Stunning! (Photos)

Starbucks is following the fame of the Unicorn Frappuccino with another pretty and totally Instagram-worthy drink.

Between this and Starbucks’ latest partnership with Lady Gaga, the coffee giant is really stepping up its fun-and-colorful drinks game.

Just in time for those hot summer months, Starbucks has released a new drink that is sure to both dazzle and refresh you. 

The Starbucks Sangria Red Tea is an ombre iced drink with orange at the bottom blending into sangria shades of red, and topped off with fruit. 

It’s like a beautiful sunset in a cup, only drinkable and probably sweeter.

You don’t need to imagine it, just check out the photo below:

??~??? ?? New fav summer drink ?? Starbucks Sangria Red Tea ¶? The best part is eating all the fruit ?????? #???????

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Of course, it doesn't contain alcohol (like the sangria you drink with those tapas at happy hour). 

But it may take you back to long summer days drinking sangria on the wide beaches of Barcelona (or in your backyard).

The exact ingredients used in the drink don't appear to be listed anywhere public, but people who've tried it have speculated. 

The beautiful red layer on top is very reminiscent of the Teavana Berry Sangria Herbal Tea, which was offered during summer 2016, according to Delish. 

The lighter, bottom layer appears to be orange juice. Topping off the drink is what appears to be a melange of orange and apple slices (and possibly even grapes).

Just check out this video posted by Starbucks to see how it all comes together:

Before you rush to your local Starbucks, you should know that this exotic drink is only available in South Korea (hence the Instagram captions in Korean).

So, yeah, unless you live there or are planning on visiting some time soon, no Starbucks Sangria Red Tea for you.


On the plus side, you can always try to create a similarly pretty and fruity drink at home!

But if you really need a Starbucks ombre drink now, you can order the Starbucks Ombre Pink Drink.

Ombre everywhere.